Natural Desire, Strange Design

Natural Desire, Strange Design - Aishling Morgan Brainycat's 5 "B"s:
blood: 0
boobs: 5
bombs: 0
bondage: 4
blasphemy: 0
Bechdel Test: FAIL
Deggan's Rule: FAIL
Gay Bechdel Test: FAIL

This book of erotica lands somewhere between Benny Hill and a latenight cable tv softcore. It's story driven, but the story is weak. Supposedly this is in the same series as [b:Satan's Slut|214028|Satan's Slut|Aishling Morgan||207198] but rather than rely on pagan and eldritch religions to drive the story and provide the opportunities for sex, this story tried to be a caper. In that respect it fell horribly flat.

There were two teams of protagonists in this story, antagonistic to each other. We'll call them Old Money and Dirty Hippy. The Old Money team consisted of a wealthy playboy with a penchant for dub-con spanking and buggery, his girlfriend/sex object, and his butler. The GF character was basically a 24/7 sub, but because the Playboy was such a prick she was often neglected for the sake of Yet Another Sexual Conquest. The butler did his job, dressing up nice and punctuating Playboy's witless banter with "Indeed, sir" at the appropriate times.

The pursuit of sexual conquests led the Playboy into more than one ridiculous sexcapade that was so far-fetched I quite literally found my brain playing the wacky themesong from Benny Hill in my head. It's difficult to "get in the mood" with the wacky themesong from Benny Hill roaring between your ears, I can assure you.

I vaguely remember the Dirty Hippies from when I read Satan's Slut a few years ago. They didn't do very much in this story except a couple of consensual BDSM scenes and provide a foil to Old Money. They also functioned as the mouthpiece for the author to rail against those who would defile the good name of modern wiccanism by equating it with satanism. This discussion came up way too many times in the book considering religion only functioned as a motivator for some of the characters but had nothing else to do with the plot whatsoever.

The sex in this book is all m/f and focused on Playboy's obsession with dub/non-con spanking and buggery, with some lighter BDSM scenes thrown in. Towards the last third of the book, it was feeling repetitive and I was hoping something different would happen. Eventually, there is a spanking scene with a slight twist but it was too little and too late.

The book ended suddenly and the big reveal was hardly a surprise. This would be a good book for M dom spankos and fans of light BDSM with dub-con context. It was written well enough, the characters all had unique voices, the pacing and cadence was controlled and the command of the grammar and vocabulary was strong.

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