Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf - Tim McGregor Brainycat's 5 "B"s:
blood: 4
boobs: 0
bombs: 1
bondage: 0
blasphemy: 2
Bechdel Test: FAIL
Deggan's Rule: FAIL
Gay Bechdel Test: FAIL

This was a decently written, very quick read. I haven't read a lot of police procedurals, so I don't know how it rates in that respect. I usually read stories about PIs and their ilk; it felt to me like being able to call upon the resources of a major metropolitan police force was like having Mary Sue on speed dial. This is probably normal for the genre, however.

The book got off to a slow start. I picked this up hoping for a lycanthropic gore fest devoid of any of the trappings of the romance genre. I did eventually get what I was looking for, but I had to get about a third of way through the book before it got interesting. I think the author spent too much time trying to make generic (and ultimately forgettable) characters unique. Some tighter editing and more creative characterization would help elevate this book. The fact that I was willing to go a third of the way through book looking for the payoff says a lot for the skillful foreshadowing and overall quality of the writing.

The perspective on the UF elements was well done. I like the idea of the contemporary world as we know it getting a sudden interjection of lycanthropy, and how normal people tried to deal with it and explain the evidence in front of them. The whole issue was handled well and I appreciate the lack of HEA. Also, the tiny of sliver of romance was there to drive the plot, was totally believable, and played out with a grace and maturity not shown by too many authors.

I liked this book well enough to finish it, but not because of the characters. I was more interested in how the plot points around lycanthropy would play out against the criminal justice system, and I feel a little disappointed . If I find the rest of the series on sale for £1 I'll pick them up, but I don't find the "whole package" exciting enough to pay more than that.

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