Skin Crawl: Darkly Erotic Horror Stories

Skin Crawl: Darkly Erotic Horror Stories - Alex Severin Brainycat's 5 "B"s:
blood: 4
boobs: 4
bombs: 0
bondage: 1
blasphemy: 2

There are the kernels of some good stories in this collection. Unfortunately, I felt that the nature of the horror/darkness was never fully explored; reading this was like reading Penthouse Letters - The Tame Halloween edition.

All of the tropes in this collection have been gone over many, many times before. And there's nothing wrong with that. My reticence comes from way they're all treated - generically. A lustful priest under the spell of a magical Madonna? Great premise, poor execution. Necrophilia? I'm willing to go there, but the complete lack of backstory and setting makes the whole story cheap and tawdry. Serial killer POV? The mainstay of the horror short, this version is like a can of potted meat: too many cliches mashed together in too small a space.

The writing itself was ok, but could benefit from a couple of revisions and some firm ediiting to tighten up the language. The author does a lot of "telling" rather than "showing", my own personal taste is for sparse and eloquent exposition but YMMV.