Dark Citadel

Dark Citadel - Cherise Sinclair I don't know why I took so long to finish this book. I think a lot of my reticence was a desire to savor it; there's only a few books in this series.

I don't like Master Dan as much as I like Master Z, but I'm probably more like Dan than Z. Go figure, eh? I really enjoyed the way Kari went from "nice catholic girl who doesn't do that sort of thing" to a willing sub who desperately wants and fights for her dom.

I would have liked to see Dan spend more time confronting the feelings holding him locked in the past; the first 80% of the book is setting up how hard he works to keep his feelings to himself, and then suddenly in the last few pages they have a fight - and make up right away - and he's willing to commit to her 100%?

I like this series because of the way doms are real people, with thoughts and feelings and their own motivations, but I think Dan got short changed by the way the story unfolded. I think more give and take between Kari and Dan, both in and out of the bedroom would have helped make both characters more real.

The sex was every bit as hot as in the first book of the series, and really focused on the transformation of Kari rather than sexual gymnastics or furniture. Public nudity was a big part of her training, at the expense of pain.

I very highly recommend this series, it's one of the three best smutty series' I've ever read.