Cyborg - Kaitlyn O'Connor Cyborg is the second in a series of romantic scifi books about... well, cyborgs trying to escape extermination at the hands of their human makers and colonizing a world for themselves. Due to an error with the way I setup the metadata on my reader, I read this first before any of the other books.

I bought it because it was in the erotica section of feedbooks, and I found myself disappointed. It really belongs in the romance section. Small beautiful female is irresistably drawn to the large gorgeous male who has her in a moral dilemma between what her society expects of her and what her body desires. Unrequitted (for way too long) sexual tension ensues. You know the formula.

There are some sexual situations in the first 23% of the book, but I feel that if this were "erotica" the situations would have been more explicit and "gone farther".

As far as scifi goes, I didn't find it especially interesting. It has pale reflections of the standard post-cyberpunk tropes without anything new to add. The writing wasn't particularly vivid or descriptive, and the characterization was too hackneyed for me to take seriously.

That being said, a lot of people like this series, and they are reasonably priced at fictionwise so if you like romance and scifi, you will probably like these books. I won't be reading the rest of this book nor any others in the series, however.