RIP - Nook Touch Glowlight (JUN 2013 - JAN 2015)

I rooted that thing minutes after I got it home and I don't even know how many books I read with fbreader on that thing. Last night it threw a kernel panic and reset itself from the recovery image undoing the rooting. It panicked a second time while I was configuring the options after the reset. All the data on my sdcard (including my entire library) is OK, fortunately. I have the books on PCs too but this saves me some effort.


After the two panic/reset cycles, it didn't want to connect to wifi; I had to forget/reconfigure about a dozen times. Once it got an IP, I let it sit while I went online to research the current market for ereaders. Once I'd ordered an Onyx Afterglow 2 I was able to read for another hour or so without incident on the Nook.