Nganga - Damien D'Enfer Brainycat's 5 "B"s:
blood: 3
boobs: 3
bombs: 0
bondage: 3
blasphemy: 3

I saw the reviews for this and bought it; I didn't pay much attention to the description so I didn't realize it was a short story until I was about 20% into and realized that this story was going to wrap up very quickly.

In retrospect, I'm not sure I read the same story as all the great reviews here. YMMV, I guess.

This is a story summed up with "some asshole gets what he deserves". Unfortunately, the asshole in question is just a shallow caricature of a narcissistic and racist old white guy, and those who inflict their revenge on him are an amalgamated, faceless caricature of african descendants from around the Caribbean. If it weren't for stereotypes, there wouldn't be any characterization at all.

I like the short story format, but only when the story is written like haiku or sumi-e: I expect shorts to judiciously use decisive strokes of feelings and moods with an economy of words that creates volume from what isn't said. This story, however, does not show any of that sort of subtlety or willingness to engage with anything larger than itself.

I don't expect I'll be excited to read anything else by Mr. D'Enfer; there's too many authors I like writing too many books to read already.

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