Nude Shots

Nude Shots - Vanessa De Sade Nude Shots is a collection of five very hot short stories that each feature women in front of cameras. The sex and eroticism is visceral and emotionally charged without falling into the trap of being so explicit that every encounter drags on for pages, unlike a lot of material in this genre.

As a photographer myself, I was keenly interested in the stories and while there is no single overriding formula through the collection, most (but not all) of the stories revolve around women reacting to an exploitative male gaze. Make no mistake though, Vanessa's women are strong and well developed characters and they all find ways to carve out safe spaces for themselves and their sexualities.

The collection includes M/F, F/F and some brief M/M and doesn't go very far into "taboo" territory.

Very highly recommended for fans of thoughtful erotica, especially fans with voyeuristic and/or exhibitionist tendencies.