Beyond Armageddon

Beyond Armageddon - Anthony DeCosmo Brainycat's 5 Bs: [note that this score is for the first three chapters only]
boobs: 0
blood: 0
bombs: 0
bondage: 0
blasphemy: 0

I gave this book three chapters before giving up. It's not badly written or edited, but it's... so very average. The style is very expository, with cliche'd characters rolling out their role's lines right on cue. The invasion of earth by some manner of extraterrestrials is beginning, but the lead character muddles around without any real interaction with his fiance, family or the events of the world - things happen, we hear about them through stilted dialogue and a couple of unimaginative descriptions, and then... I don't know what happens next, I gave up and started reading other things.

The author may have been trying to paint the main protagonist as a self-absorbed, not especially smart Average Joe much like Shaun from the movie Shaun of the Dead, but there was so little insight and the complete lack of incisive wit guarantees that kind of deadpan sarcasm won't work. Instead, the whole setup just seems foggy, ill conceived and not very fleshed out. I hope I just missed the point, rather than the author being lazy. There were a couple of lines that were supposed to be funny, but I have an odd sense of humor - I like very dry sarcasm and unexpected turns towards the macabre, so the jokes were totally lost on me.

This would be a great book for readers who don't expect to be challenged, or who are looking for some network tv grade filler to fill up a couple of hours.