Dead Dwarves, Dirty Deeds

Dead Dwarves, Dirty Deeds - Derek J. Canyon After seeing some good reviews, I bought both of the books in this series. I read the first short in this volume and I'm not impressed. Perhaps I'm a snob, but I like my scifi to explore the intersections of technology and humanity, and cyberpunk is what happens when you throw both in a blender and tape down the "ice crush" button.

The story I finished reads like a gangster comicbook with some incidental cyberpunk buzzwords thrown in for window dressing. I found it droll and predictable, if at least fast paced. There was nothing in the lead character that made me care about him, which is hard to do because I'm usually a complete sucker for the antihero. Sure, he's a badass bad boy. But his dialogue isn't very snappy and he provides no interesting insight into his (or the broader) human condition.

That being said, the writing and editing are good at a technical level; it was not in the least painful or difficult to read. This could be a worthwhile series if the author were to raise interesting questions and play around with the characters until he's able to come up with some interesting answers.