Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne Brainycat's 5 B's (1-5, 5 highest):
boobs: 1
blood: 3
bombs: 2
bondage: 1
blasphemy: 1

Oh thank god I finally finished this series. Books like this are why I should get help for my OCD, was there a deep rooted childhood trauma that my mind believes it can heal if I finish reading a series of books, even though the finale is as predictable as the sunrise and the characterization is as flat and lifeless as a squirrel in the middle of a freeway?

I'm knocking a star off of each of the books in this series. In retrospect, there's nothing in these books that stick with me. No interesting ideas or turns of phrase that warrant the effort of retention for repeating in front of a different audience to make me sound more intelligent than I really am. The best conversation I got out of these was with my wife, "The best way to enjoy the series is to stop after you finish the first one."