Depraved - Bryan Smith This is a great little pulpy horror story, with no shortage of gruesome violence and all manner of depraved sex. It's a quick read, not especially suspenseful or insightful, but nonstop entertaining nonetheless. If they still made horror movies like this book reads, I'd spend more time watching movies and less time reading. This book feels like a movie - it's very linear and visually direct, without barely any perspective written from inside any character's head.

The only reason this didn't get 5 stars was because as much as I enjoyed reading it, I don't think I'll read it again - I would rather spend my time on a new book that's every bit as bloody and sexy, but the plot wasn't unique or insightful enough to warrant revisiting it.

The plot does exactly as much as it's supposed to: create nonstop mass murder and sexual mayhem from cover to cover, and it delivers as promised.

This is the first Bryan Smith book I've read, and I'm looking forward to the rest of his canon.