Adramelech - German Bradley Adramelech is about a professional escort who is selected by a demon for some kind of ritual. I didn't get far enough into it to find out much more than that.

As smut goes, it's quite lame. The f/f sex is explicit but uninspired, and the m/f scenes leave a lot to be desired. The characters are so unidimensional and the dialogue was so undeveloped I felt no connection to them at all,; it was like watching poorly drawn cartoons go through the same tired motions I've seen a million times before.

The pacing of the book was atrocious. Reading the 23% that I was able to get through was like being t-boned in the middle of an intersection. Lurching from one predictable plot point to another, days or weeks or months just disappear (according to the narration) but nothing ever changes; it might as well take place one day after the next.

I bought this because the description at fictionwise implied it's a "deal with the devil" type story, which is probably my most favorite trope, and it was described as BDSM/fetish content. I didn't find ANY of those in the part of the book I got through, and I couldn't see myself suffering through any more of the poor writing to get to it. There's too many better books out there to spend time trying to get through this one.