The Passage

The Passage - Justin Cronin I made it one third of the way through this book. It started off great, I was completely absorbed and eagerly devoured it, thanks to the complicated characters and lyrical writing style. Additionally, Justin has a new take on the vampire/virus that provided a rich soil to grow a fascinating apocalypse.

But then the "messiah" character dropped off the map, and Justin jumped ahead into an entirely implausible post-apocalyptic world populated by characters I didn't care about. I felt like rather than get into the heads of a handful of survivors adapting to a world where they are an endangered species, the characters became hollow vehicles for Justin's interior dialogue.

I have no doubt whatsoever that his dialogue is endlessly fascinating to Justin, but I didn't care for it. I really couldn't bring myself to care about the characters. When the survivors were attacked in a minor skirmish, I found myself hoping they'd get eaten. That's when I asked around and was told I'd already finished the part of the book that I liked.

I give this book one star because it started off so well, making the disappointment of the latter sections that much more acute. I know Justin can write a story that wholly engages me, but I felt like the first section was a cocktease to sell me on the dull, plodding inanity that followed.