Thursday's New Books - 12 FEB

Gridlinked  - Neal Asher Trailer - Edward Lorn Reamde - Neal Stephenson NOS4R2 - Joe Hill Clarkesworld: Year Six - Neil Clarke, Aliette de Bodard, Ken Liu, Sean Wallace, Robert Reed, Kij Johnson, Catherynne M. Valente, Carrie Vaughn Damoren - Seth Skorkowsky Last Train From Yokkaichi - Alan Henry Blood Type: An Anthology of Vampire SF on the Cutting Edge - Peter Watts, Mike Resnick, Laird Barron, Tim Waggoner, William F. Nolan, Stephen Graham Jones, Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Jason V. Brock, James S. Dorr, Jonathan Templar, Robert S.  Wilson

Shoutouts to Grimlock for "Gridlinked", Char's Horror Corner for "Trailer" and Seriously, Read A Book for "Reamde".


I've been wanting to read "Last Train From Yokkaichi" for quite a while; it's just about the only book about F1 I haven't read. I was very happy to find it on KU.


I don't recall where I found out about Damoren - probably from a different site that rhymes with "wood bleeds".


I picked up another couple of scifi anthologies. "Blood Type" is probably all over the place, but it has Peter Watts in it and I'll buy anything with his name on it. Peter has been published in Clarkesworld several times so I want to try their latest annual anthology.