Thursday's New Books - 12 MAR

Night Shift - Nalini Singh, Lisa Shearin, Ilona Andrews, Milla Vane The Dragon Conspiracy (SPI Files Book 2) - Lisa Shearin Edge of Infinity - Jonathan Strahan, Bruce Sterling, Hannu Rajaniemi, Alastair Reynolds Reach For Infinity (The Infinity Project Book 3) - Pat Cadigan, Hannu Rajaniemi, Alastair Reynolds, Jonathan Strahan The Quantum Thief - Hannu Rajaniemi The Mister Trophy - Frank Tuttle Implied Spaces - Walter Jon Williams

I fell off the wagon just a little bit this week. I am proud of myself for not buying whole series' before sampling and I feel like I've done due diligence on all of these books. But I'm still a month behind on my readiung and falling farther every day.


Also, this list doesn't include the complete Bloom County collection I'm going to buy from Humble Bumble later. But those are going to live on my tablet for something to look at when Mrs. Brainycat is watching her police procedurals on TV, so I don't really count them as books that belong in the TBR pile.



Night Shift (SPI Files [0.50])

Spare Ammo graciously pointed out to us that there is a short prequel to the SPI files in this anthology. I have high hopes for that story, but I don't have high expectations for the rest of the stories. I'm afraid they'll be lots of Romance with just a little Urban Fantasy.


The Dragon Conspiracy (SPI Files [2])

As I mentioned above, Spare Ammo got me interested in this series, and I'm glad she did.


Edge of Infinity (The Infinity Project [2])

Reach For Infinity (The Infinity Project [3])

The first volume in this series of anthologies was epic, and I'm really looking forward to the rest of this series. It will probably take a while to get through each one, they are not small books. There's a good representation from Big Name authors I recognize and like, and many authors I'm not so familiar with yet but will probably become a fan of after reading their included shorts. I should be marked down for that last sentence, it's a mess all the way around.


The Quantum Thief (Jean le Flambeur)

Bookaneer made this sound like a good read, and then pointed out that I'd liked this same author's short in Engineering Infinity. It's based on a much older story that I tried reading at but I just couldn't get into the old fashioned prose.


The Mister Trophy (The Markhat Files [1])

Again, we can blame Bookaneer for this one. I'm hoping I find it as LOL funny as she does; I don't really have a "funny" series going on right now and I'd like to find one.


Implied Spaces

I found this while looking up the name of WJW book I'd read years ago. Apparently, I've fallen a few books behind on the WJW canon. He's one of the great unsung contemporary scifi writers - he's just going about his business, banging out solid books with the occasional great book (Hardwired, Wolf Time). While I think he's written some of the best cyberpunk in the genre, he writes all over the scifi map and it's all solid. You can do a lot worse than grab any WJW book when you're looking for rich, vivid and thoughtful scifi.