Forgive me, for I have sinned...

Years of drinking daily and blacking out most days, and a mild but noticeable case of OCD has taught me the value of having a place for everything and putting everything in it's place every time. For example, the place for my ebook reader is on my nightstand or in my hands. I've worn out or outgrown several readers over the years, and never lost one or broken any of them. I still have the same crappy class 4 MicroSD that I've been using since day one.

Late Sunday night, I failed to follow my procedure and now I'm suffering for it. I was up too late trying to finish the insanely long Reamde[1] when I heard the unmistakable "CRASH-Thud-scamper-scamper" of the cats knocking something over downstairs. I got up, put on a fleece, and went to go assess the damage. Nothing broken but the cats looked awfully sheepish and surprised to see me out of bed. I went back upstairs and laid down to knock out the last 20 pages of the 1000 page long tome, and CRACK! My knee landed on something solid that made a "you just threw a bunch of money away" sort of noise.

It was my 10 week old AG2 reader. I didn't crack the screen and the battery isn't leaking, but I definitely broke some of the soldering and/or chips on the mainboard. The screen is OK, and the LEDs respond to the power button but it doesn't even try to boot. It doesn't show up as any kind of intelligent device to the android utilities; it's basically just a battery charger now.

Naturally, the European distributor is out of stock until the latter part of April. I couldn't find a Nook Glow Touch anywhere; that would be the perfect cheap reader to tide me over until the AG2 is available again. A Kobe Aura HD wouldn't be bad, the firmware is a bit of a problem but there's ways around that. They're out of stock everywhere too. So I got a tiny little underpowered Kobe Aura, which will be here in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, I'm back in the turn of the century, draped over a pillow with a paper book laying on the bad and the bedside lamp on. Totally inconvenient and not very good for my neck. All because of a moment's inattention and failing to follow my procedures.

[1] Review forthcoming - because what else am I going to do?