The Puppies Issue

The "Sad Puppies" and "Rabid Puppies" thing confuses me. Everyone is blaming everyone else, but I have yet to find a plenary statement anywhere - I just see a lot of very loosely defined jargon being thrown around. It's easy to call someone a neofascist, SJW, radical feminist or whatever - but in the realm of "my feelings are guiding my logic" I don't feel like I can rely on anyone's written word to adequately explain what their agenda really is. It doesn't help at all that I'm not at all familiar with any of the names or books that keep coming up.


I'm confused by the gamergate issue too; my understanding is that boys who didn't get spanked enough as kids for being disrespectful to their mothers went ballistic when women pointed out how sexist and puerile their behavior is. I don't know why this is a controversy, anyone that's spent more than two minutes in an online game can attest to the overall level of maturity in popular gaming.


What am I missing? If the Hugos are joke, slapping a "Winner of the Hugo Award' on a book jacket means I won't buy it. I don't play games either, despite being the prototypically perfect games consumer[1]. If I wrote a book, I'd hope it wouldn't become associated with right wing filth.


I'm trying to find some real insight into these issues, but all the data is written across blogs with people who've got some skin in the game. I haven't been able to locate a knowledgeable analysis that convincingly explains their own biases and genuinely teases out the different players, points of view and salient points.


[1] I am a technology engineer with a comfortable disposable income and plenty of free time